The Maharani is very much a family concern. Having been in Troon since 1991, the team at the Maharani have not been slow in raising the bar in delivering excellent quality and authentic Indian food enhanced with great service. Their high standards always make a visit to the Maharani a most enjoyable experience. The restaurant itself is full of tasteful Indian artwork & artefacts from the sub-continent and its a very relaxing backdrop in which to enjoy the distinctly refined cuisine

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Everything that is served delivers distinct and exciting flavours. The owners passion extends to a wine list that is specifically chosen to match the food and their service is enthusiastic and friendly. For good old Scottish hospitality, the maharani is hard to beat.

Free Delivery on all orders over £11.00

Telephone: 0844 272 001

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Maharani Troon Maharani Troon

Maharani Troon